Cultural Exchange Products

We work closely with our underwriter partners to bring you tailored cultural exchange plans that include any, if not all, of the following insurance components. Although most components are “must haves,” the actual composition will be the result of a collaborate effort subject to the budget and service objectives of each individual partner.

  • Accident and sickness medical expense benefits
  • Medical emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Emergency dental
  • Trip delay/cancellation
  • Baggage loss/delay
  • Personal liability
  • 24/7 emergency assistance

Types of Programs We Support

We provide insurance specifically appropriate for J-Visa (cultural exchange) and F-Visa (student) participants, including the following types of insurance:

  • Domestic and International Student Health Insurance
  • Au Pair Insurance
  • Summer Work & Travel Insurance
  • Work Abroad Insurance
  • Study Abroad Insurance
  • Volunteer Abroad Insurance
  • Internship / Trainee Insurance
  • High School Exchange Insurance
  • Language School Insurance

Insurance programs are available as “Group Insurance Policies” for programs, as well as for individuals on an ad-hoc basis.

Investing in Custom Technology and Software to Help You Work Faster and More Efficiently

Our battle-tested technology provides a suite of reliable, easy-to-use administrative tools. These applications have already been successfully used by hundreds of thousands of administrators, students, and participants.

Pick Between Flexible Enrollment Processing Options  
Registration should be easy–both for you and your participants. Our Enrollment & Administration application supports individual or bulk enrollment transactions with payments at point-of-time or via scheduled invoicing.

Admin Portal
Program administrators have access to a secure, online portal that provides 24/7 visibility into plan mechanics. Log in to view claim status, upload and edit rosters, edit enrollment details, access invoices and accounting balances, and more.

Participant Portal
When participants log in to their portal account, they can see their policy brochure, link to provider networks, view claim filing instructions and claim status, and download their insurance ID card. In most cases, the portal allows the participant to handle tasks without needing to involve the Program. Login instruction is available with the initial insurance confirmation.

Get in Touch

Relation looks forward to serving your program and your participants. For information regarding cultural exchange insurance plans, please contact:

Michael Babore
Executive Vice President, Education Solutions
Phone: (310) 394-0440